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We have a seat at the table for 12 DATES OF CHRISTMAS

For those wondering where the gay version of The Bachelor is, please check out 12 DATES OF CHRISTMAS on HBO Max. The concept is a nice variation on a familiar trope – but with a twist. In Season 2, one of three principal love seekers is a gay man, another is a lesbian, and the third is a straight dude.

Markelle is the gay man, and he is striking and self-confident. We first see him introduced to another man who is equally sizzling. While they share the hot tub, a man in a bear suit emerges from the woods in the beautiful mountain setting, to join them as one of Marcell’s first love interest. When he peels off the bear suit, there is a great body with lots of tattoos to admire.

Shortly thereafter, when the entire cast is at a pool party – again in the hot tub – another hunk enters in a Bay Watch speedo. The new dude has a lot to offer, as a Truth or Dare game leads to a hot gay make out while everyone watches. Marcell has a decision to make, as following in the tradition of The Bachelorette franchise, one suitor must go home, and heads off in a beautiful antique horse drawn sleigh.

Of course, it is all very silly, and might be best viewed with cocktails during a merry holiday gathering. The lesbian story is equally compelling, and the inclusion of non-binary women is a plus. The racial diversity is encouraging. Sometimes you wonder who these people are, why they would go on a reality show, and why they think what they are wearing is attractive.

Debate might rage on reality TV destroying television. Unlike many of the European shows of similar ilk, there is no nudity or overt sexuality. But it is nice to be included in at the table.

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