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THE MODEL, a cocktail classic.

THE MODEL is one of those delicious films you love because all the characters are horrible and do horrible things to each other. Have a cocktail and enjoy!

Emma (Maria Palm) is a small tow girl looking to break into the Paris fashion scene. Her first photo shoot is so laughable – an underwear shoot with cruel models – that you won’t be surprised she gets fired. You may be surprised that she goes out that night, conveniently finds the ‘hot’ photographer, and does what she needs to do to get the next gig. Everyone else seems shocked. Shocked!

Ed Skrein does his best to make the photographer hungry but human, and for a while their relationship seems to be bringing out the best in both. But for some reason, there is a large lavish party where things go awry – the main point of which seems to be to force fantastic Australian actor Dominic Allburn (A Place Call Home) make a full front nude entrance to the basement swimming poll to seduce Emma. He looks great and deserves better.

The film, directed by Mads Matthiesen is now a featured film on Netflix.

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