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THE LAWYER on Dekkoo is a complex case

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

The content on Dekkoo keeps getting stronger and more intriguing. Case in point is THE LAWYER, a Lithuanian film written and directed by Romas Zabarauskas that defies easy pigeon-holing.

The film introduces us to Marius, a well-do-lawyer, at a dinner party with your standard slate of gay film types, and the dialogue on the emptiness of life is slow and tedious. The fact that a self-described ‘bisexual transman’ is included in the group is appreciated. When he is left alone, however, the lawyer reaches out to a cam boy site where he finds Ali, a Syrian refuge, and his life – and the film - have new purpose.

From there on, the film becomes a bit of a road trip, a bit of a political thriller, and an interesting exploration of why it so difficult for LGBT members to find refuge. The political and legal intrigue is at times confusing, but as the men come to know each other in real life and cement a relationship, you will no doubt be pulling for them.

The cast is terrific, and the film is beautiful with all of its post-Soviet crumbling beautifully photographed and scored.

If you are a political junkie, this film might not dig deep enough for you, as it does not explore the tragic scope of all that is happening to the LGBT Community in Eastern Europe. But it is made with honesty and depth by people who are not afraid to show the truth about the country they love – blighted as it is – to the world.

I found THE LAWYER on Dekkoo.

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