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  • David Zak

THE INVISIBLE THREAD will make you laugh and cry.

Many films have aspired to combine screwball comedy with drama. THE INVISIBLE THREAD, which is very funny and has lovely messages about fatherhood and family, succeeds at this challenging balancing act.

Francesco Gheghi is terrific as Leone, a student adrift in his high school's circle. Everyone assumes he is gay because he has two dads and is more sensitive than his raucous pals. When he embarks on a final project for a film class, he laments that his family is so loving and dull. But several real-life plot twists will keep you guessing until the satisfying conclusion.

Filippo Timi and Francesco Scianna play the perfect partners celebrating their 20-year marriage surrounded by friends and family who love them. The two men are excellent at comedy, and each has powerful emotional scenes. The whole company embraces the duality of the film with delight.

Matteo Oscar Giuggioli and Alessia Giuliani play twins, new to town, full of surprises. The group of pals surrounding Leone is well-drawn as they explore drugs and dancing, sex, and celebration. Even the bit players in the hospital have great comic timing and bits.

The excellent screenplay is by Marco Simon Puccioni, Luca De Bei, and Gianluca Bernardini (additional dialogue) with Puccioni directing. Eugenia F. Di Napoli’s production design makes the most of the beautiful Italian setting.

THE INVISIBLE THREAD caught me by surprise, but I was thoroughly captivated by this film that effortlessly flows from comic to sincere with the best results. Even the credits are delightful!

THE INVISIBLE THREAD is available on Netflix. Beware the trailer below has spoilers. The worst thing about the film is the logo.

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