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THE FANS and IF I’M GOOD are powerful shorts

Some short films pack just as terror and joy as Hollywood features. Take IF I’M GOOD and THE FANS, currently on Dekkoo, as examples.

THE FANS is a brutal, sexually explicit depiction of two skinheads in Russia, who lure men into the woods where they are brutalized. When the men return to their own apartment, their desire for each other cannot be contained, as we watch them bathe, sleep, and sex. The demons that swallow them are unleashed again.

The two stars are unflinching in their depiction of their agony and ecstasy.

Based on real events, the film has been potently directed by Seva Galkin, and its depiction of gay sex forced a Russian film fest to drop it from their lineup. It is a powerful, but disturbing watch.

IF I’M GOOD, on the other hand, is also made from a distressing situation which feels like it was inspired by real life. But the contrast between the two films is delightful.

A widower explores his attraction to a younger man as he struggles to cope with his recent loss. Jono Mitchell plays Sam, whose late night trip to a pharmacy leads to a charming first encounter with Jorge (Daniel Annone).

Madison Hatfield’s script is sure and sweet, as miscommunication and connection bring the two men together. Jonathon Pawlowski's confident and clever direction made me wish the film was longer.

Both shorts can be seen on Dekkoo.

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