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SURPRISE YOURSELF with this 5 minute dance

I enjoyed every moment of Kylie Allen’s dance for film SURPRISE YOURSELF. I found it on Marquee TV, but it is also on YouTube, and is quite sensational.

Working in an empty industrial space to a remarkable score by Jack Garratt, Allen starts alone plunking out a tune on an antique piano. As the music builds, so does the dance, showcasing Allen’s brilliant dance, gymnastic, and athletic prowess.

Directed by Jade Hale-Christofi, the film is simple yet stunning. Camera placement, pacing, costuming, and lighting all add greatly to the effect. Director Jade Hale-Cristofi trained as a classical ballet dancer for five years at the Kirov Academy of Ballet. Previously, he danced with the San Francisco Ballet. Jade Hale-Cristofi was at Royal Ballet School in London and had choreographed David Lachapelle’s video with Sergei Polunin on Hoziers mega-hit Take me to Church. That went viral with 27 million views on YouTube and counting.

Kyle Allen's training in gymnastics and classical ballet will be obvious. He has made a smooth transition to film and theater work including the upcoming West Side Story.

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