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STONE / FRUIT Sinks Slowly

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

STONE FRUIT is one of the dullest movies ever. Russ and Manny have been together for 7 years, including five married. As they take a winery trip to celebrate their divorce, actors Rob Warner and Matt Palazzolo have 30 minutes of horrible dialogue while driving.

Eventually, a friend and former three-way partner (Thomas Hobson) joins them in a winery,

for another hour of really dull conversation.

Does anything happen? No. Are there any surprises or twists and turns? No. There may be a couple laughs here and there, but mostly we have two, then three unhappy men who continually snipe at each other. Sample dialogue? “To White Guilt! And Thick Dicks!”

Directed by Brandon Krajewski who co-wrote the screenplay with Robert Andrew Perez drains the color out of California’s wine country. Even the promised three way with co-star Thomas Hobson is cut short

Not Recommended.

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