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SPARK is perfect; AS I SAT IN HIS CAR is a good start

Don't let the bare-chested photo of the burley welder used as the promotional photo for SPARK keep you away from this delightful romance between a very unusual pair. Jack Wouterse plays Jack, an isolated welder with a big appetite. Wart Kamps is a tiny, lost delivery man whose truck dies outside the welders' shop. A few drinks, some handfuls of cake, and a midnight skinny dip lead to something unexpected.

This delightful 8-minute film is perfect in every way. Wouterse and Elfie Tromp are credited as screenwriters. Edgar Kapp and Kuba Szutkowski direct.

I saw SPARK on Dekkoo. But it can also be rented for $1.99 on Vimeo.


Another interesting short on Dekkoo is AS I SAT IN HIS CAR, written, directed, and starring Kalil Haddad. It sometimes feels like a rough draft of what could be a longer, more profound film that combines archival footage, voice-over, and visually jarring. It is hard to know how many characters tell stories, as voices are very similar. The themes of teenage angst may be familiar, but they gain a sharper focus with the added filter of the LGBTQ+.

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