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SOFT LAD explores unexpected love

You rarely find a gay hero sleeping with his brother in law, but that is the starting point for Soft Lad, a 1995 release now available at

Johnny Labey, who is also terrific in the British series East Enders, stars as Davey, an aspiring dancer who has just been accepted into a program that will take him away from home for the first time. He hates to leave his first love, the very charismatic Jules (Daniel Brocklebank), who happens to be married to Davey’s adoring sister Stacey, the very wonderful Laura Ainsworth.

Leon Lopez directs from his screenplay, which is strong and tight with this excellent trio of actors. Only when Davey breaks away from Jules and finds true love (a caring turn by Frank Stein) does balance come to the family.

The penultimate scene when all four of the major players are in the kitchen peeling layer after the lawyer of lies of their collective family story is nothing short of magnificent. And well worth the wait.

Soft Lad looks great and is a terrific drama to take a chance on.

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