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SPORTS! scores, G O'CLOCK swings and misses

There is something lovely about a short film that knows exactly what it is and delivers effortlessly. SPORTS! is a fine example. Zach (Zach Graves) is unhappy when his exuberant roommate Eduardo (Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell) asks to tag along when he heads out to play some hoops. Eduardo is not a sports guy.

But his spirits pick up when the shirtless Cody (Cody Callahan) shows up as expected to shoot with Zach. The witty conversation covers some stereotypical familiar ground and has its share of surprises. It makes for a sexy and sweet film that does not overstay its welcome.


I suspect that people were excited that G O'CLOCK could be a parable showing people how dangerous the chemsex scene in London is. After all, it starts with a near-death and ends with…. Well, no spoiler alerts here.

Phillip Weddell is Alex, a first responder who recognizes the gay guys overdosing in the park. So it is no surprise that he shows up to participate in a chemsex party, in which a couple of dozen people in jockstraps or nude are living it up. The host hourly announces 'It's G O'Clock", and those still functioning have another hit.

Mitchell Marion writes and directs, and his work is so sexy it might make you want to attend a chemsex party.

The 10-minute film is available on Dekkoo.

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