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QUEER YOU ARE hurts and heals

QUEER YOU ARE is a cathartic, autobiographical TV show by writer/director Bob Pop. I rarely say a series is too short, but in this case, it is true.

We meet Bob when he is preparing to sing – wearing the wedding dress of his best friend’s mother – ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’ in high school drama classic. It is hilarious and heartbreaking. His fast-talking mother, abusive father, and kindly grandfather don’t know what to do with this unique boy. And Bob can’t wait to flee.

As each episode unspools, episode unspools, time is liquid. We may see teen Bob walking through the parks of Madrid, or adult Bob cruising through the halls of bathhouses and bars – always on the search for love and affection. Anyone who made similar strolls will understand them to be true, as Bob finds both cruelty and kindness.

What saves Bob is art, as his writing becomes a lifeline to the future. I am not sure if this Spanish language book on Amazon is what is seen in the film as ‘Docile’, but with a writer this good, I bet it is terrific. I most appreciated the episodes which seem truthful, but ultimately turn out to be fiction.

I am still not sure how many actors play the various versions of Bob, but both Carlos González and Gabriel Sánchez (III) are both credited for the role on IMDB, along with the real Bob who plays his current self. Candela Peña is terrific as the mother. (She would be great in a Spanish version of The Golden Girls). Miguel Rellán is the grandfather. Pointedly, we never see Bob’s father’s eyes.

I think viewers will appreciate the frank approach to sexuality and nudity, which are arty when needed, never go too far. One negative note is that the subtitles are not very good, or well-matched to the dialogue. It won't ruin the film for you, but it is irritating.

QUEER YOU ARE sets a high bar for queer content for 2022. Let’s hope it is only the first of many queer stories seeking the light.

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