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Not much new in ROLLING AROUND.

The writer, director, and star of ROLLING AROUND Thierry Préval, had an excellent opportunity to add something new to the familiar theme of gay men and straight men thrown together unexpectedly. His crew and lovely co-star Florent Médina worked in a gorgeous setting. Alas, this 20 minute short looks good, and it holds your interest but does not dive deeper intellectually or sensually to be more than the standard narrative.

Préval plays Fred, an unhappy gay man forced to take a weekend hiking trip with his sister's boyfriend Xavier. Fred's attitude changes from curt to curious when Xavier confesses he previously had a male lover. With delicious rivers, fields, and ponds to play in, there is unfortunately little doubt about where this is heading.

This could have been a meditation on why we are attracted to those unavailable to us. Or why a person's desire may be changed when options are either new or limited. Those themes and debates must wait for another filmmaker to explore in greater detail.

The title ROLLING AROUND pretty much gives it all away. It is available on Dekkoo. All of the best moments are in the trailer below, so save some time!

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