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LOVE, VICTOR is gentle comfort in tough times

The final season of LOVE, VICTOR has landed on Hulu and may provide gentle comfort in tough times. In season three, our friends from Creekwood High School are all back, each with their complicated twist on love.

As Season 2 ended, Vector (a winsome Michael Cimino) had betrayed his love Benji (traditionally handsome George Sear) by kissing Rahim (intriguing Anthony Keyvan) at a wedding. As the new season begins, he learns his love cannot be reciprocated. Are we foolish for hoping for a fairy tale ending on a Ferris Wheel?

The parents of the students have the most interesting storylines. Victor's parents, Armando and Isabel (James Martinez and Ana Ortiz), have sought a welcoming Catholic church. There they find a couple whose gay son is a perfect match for Victor. Rahim's mother supports her son despite her Muslim faith, but he is forced back into the closet when a relative arrives from Iran. The family dynamics are gripping and well played.

My favorite character Felix (Anthony Turpel), quirky and sexy, has found new love with Victor's sister Pilar (excellent Isabella Ferreira). Felix's ex Lake (Bebe Wood) connects with Lucy adding a welcome lesbian presence to the group of friends. Mia (Rachel Hilson) has a terrible relationship with her parents but at least has her man to keep her company in her fabulous house.

Creators Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth deserve great credit for expanding the life of this project. And for hiring expert writers, directors, and designers who make each episode sparkle.

Love, Victor, and Love Simon, the film which inspired it, will always hold a high place in LGBTQ film history. They are not as political or sexual as some. They are not just about fashion or current trends. The series understands that old fashion romance is even more appreciated in difficult times.

And like the delicious flavored sweets and drinks Victor and Benji serve in their coffee house, we all need some comfort at times.

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