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LAST TANGO is a winning dance

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Mix a brilliant and seasoned cast with wonderfully detailed writing, and you get another family drama – like A PLACE TO CALL HOME – that is well worth your time. LAST TANGO IN HALIFX begins as two seniors – once sweethearts – meet again after their respective grandkids put them on Facebook.

Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi are brilliant as Celia and Alan, a pair of lovebirds who are both hopefully and aware of all the time that has been lost. Coincidences about in this story by Sally Wainwrights, including both having daughters born on the very same day. It becomes Shakespearean in some ways thereafter, as younger women could not be different, yet are linked with a strong emotional bond.

Toss in grandchildren, deaths of parents and partners, and love lost and found, and you have a complex story storyline that has kept up a successful run of 24 episodes from 2012 – 2020 in England.


LAST TANGO is now featured-on Netflix

I particularly enjoyed the performances of the two ‘sisters’ Sarah Lancashire as Caroline and Nicola Walker as Gillian. One runs a school, the other runs a sheep farm, and the contrasts from costume and hair, to confidence and sexuality – are wonderful to watch.

This is one of those feel-good programs that is perfect for another night at the telly.

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