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KUNTERGRAU is an off-the beaten path gem

KUNTERGRAU is a great choice on if you want something off the beaten path. Now in its fourth season (of short 30-minute episodes), the work began as a student project of the LGBT youth center in Cologne Germany. The performers are young and authentic as it follows the intertwined stories of five friends who are making their way in their adult lives. The actors are never afraid to bare their hearts, bodies, and souls.

As a result, the seasons deepen, as loves and lives are lost and found. Season 4 is cleverly written, when one character undergoes a traumatic injury and his best friend refuses to see him. Simultaneously, that character who is proudly HIV positive, meets a young man who is afraid to learn his status. The status between those two stories reminds us of all the heartache and glories of life.

If you are not afraid of foreign films and appreciate how rich queer storytelling can be in countries outside of our own, take a chance on KUNTERGRAU.

You cam find much of it on YouTube, or see all of it on Dekkoo.

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