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  • David Zak

HUNT is a short, intense punch

HUNT (original title JAKT) is a joyous yet hard-hitting short from Norway. Håvid Kringstad Hagen is Asgaut, a teen with blue hair who is bullied non-stop by those in his idyllic small town. When he receives an unexpected act of kindness from a local farmer Cato Skimten Storengen he is delighted to assist on his farm during lambing season.

We watch with delight as the teen flourishes with this mentoring. However, as we may already know, the world does not take kindly seeing a friendship between a bachelor and a youth.

Writer/director Gjertrud Bergaust handles the material with elegance and grace, with the miraculous gifts of nature in a sweltering summer playing an important part. The 28-minute film features excellent production values and a touching score by Trygve Hjermann Berg,

The scenes of bullying, both for active and complicit participants, might ignite an evening full of recollection for many gay men. HUNT delivers a needed message that lingers.

I found HUNT on Dekkoo.

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