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HONEYMOON FOR ONE so much better that its title!

Keira Andrews has written a wonderful book with a cheesy title and blurb on Amazon – but don’t let HONEYMOON FOR ONE keep you away.

I have not read much mm romantic fiction, but this one is complex and delightful. American Ethan Robinson finds his fiancé and best friend ‘in action’ the day before his wedding, and that completes a cycle of sorrow which has found Ethan dealing with death, depression, and perhaps most importantly – hearing loss.

Having previously booked a honeymoon to Australia, Ethan takes the trip on his own. It makes for a hilarious, heartbreaking, and ultimately healing read.

I cannot remember another book I have read that – unless hearing loss is the principal theme – in which a character deals with this challenge. Andrews does a great job of capturing the frustration of everyday conversations – with both family members and strangers. It nicely explores the terror of losing your hearing aid batteries will in the middle of the wilds of Australia.

And of course, when Ethan meets Clay, his straight tour guide who is old enough to be his father, we know that twists and turns will follow, as Clay uncovers youthful trauma and replaces that with love.

I had a great time reading this book and saw a lot of my friends and family in it. I suspect you might see that reflection too.

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