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GRAY’s shorts are good!

I don’t spend too much time on Dekkoo, as films are sometimes dated, or were not good enough for the major streaming services. But recently, I found some shorts to be of interest.

THE SHORT FILMS OF ROBERT W GRAY is an intriguing collection of his works from 2015/16. Linked only by theme, the four short films - BED, AIDOS, CHOKE HOLD, and ZACK AND LUC

Are an entertaining sliver of gay life.

AIDOS is strangely moving, as we learn that by the time he died, 21 people had told Ben they loved him. And seeing twenty one different people, in tight closeups, saying those words, has a profound build. Some young, some old, men and women - the affection they feel for Ben, and the fact we don’t know in any way what happened, makes it a short classic.

CHOKE HOLD is a mysterious series of meetings between a straight man who has a curiosity in knowing what happens when you are choked unconscious. It is strangely erotic, and nerve wracking, as you never know if an episode will go to far.

ZACK AND LUC is the weakest of the films, as you watch on split screen a relationship begin and then unravel. In addition to the split screen, the film is intentionally distressed, which for me did not add to the story.

But that is a small complaint for a Dekkoo selection that provided a sweet surprise.

Watch all of ZACK AND LUC here.

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