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  • David Zak

GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE is daringly perfect

A perfect little film with two excellent performers, GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE adds another unique triumph to the resume of Emma Thompson. In some ways, this film - nearly all performed in a single hotel room - could be a play. Thompson plays Nancy, who has never had an orgasm and has arranged to meet Leo, a young and dashing sex worker.

Thompson is terrific as someone who embraces her losses and has little joy. On the other hand, Leo is shrouded with mystery but transparent in his love for his work. Daryl McCormack is striking physically and compelling emotionally. But Nancy is tough, and building a bridge is a challenge.

As they take tiny steps toward making a connection, we see the value and freedom in abandoning old habits and trying new things. Watching Nancy unbutton Leo’s shirt and explore his chest is classic.

The excellent screenplay is by Katy Brand, and the top-notch direction is done by Sophie Hyde.

When we move out of the hotel room for a coffee house hello, the film adds a layer of sweetness and sourness to the tension between the two stars. It is a perfect summer treat.

Beware of many spoilers in the trailer. LEO GRANDE is on Hulu.

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