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  • David Zak

GIANT LITTLE ONES: Strange Title, But Wonderful Film.

GIANT LITTLE ONES is a fresh and fascinating variation in the story of two young men with an intense bond.

Josh Wiggins is terrific as Franky, angry at his father for spitting up with his mother. He takes joy in biking through the night with his best friend Ballas (Darren Mann), his swim teammate, as they make late-night escapes from the cops. Both boys have sisters, with Frankie's sister Deanna (Olivia Scriven) providing comic relief as she hilariously slurps on a straw, and Balllas' sister Natasha (Taylor Hickson), fragilely recovering from an assault, enables Franky to breathe again.

When an unexpected incident occurs on the night of a 17th birthday party, everything changes, and lies meet fists. The quartet of parents (Kyle MacLachlan, Maria Bello, Peter Outerbridge, and Stephanie Moor) do their best to understand the complex situation. The final scene between MacLachlan and Wiggins is expertly scripted and performed.

While the film has many twists and terms, some surprises come from Mouse (Niamh Wilson) experimenting differently.

Keith Behrman directed his screenplay, which won the Vancouver Film Critics Circle award for Best Screenplay for a Canadian Film. Michael Brook's score will electrify you from the films opening moments, and Guy Codfree's cinematography - especially the water imagery - is top-notch.

I was happy to discover a film in which LGBT issues are part of a family's complex history, and I heartily recommend GIANT LITTLE ONES.

I found GIANT LITTLE ONES on NetFlix.

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