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ELITE SEASON 5 Starts Slow But Scores In The End

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

With exotic fashion and rainbow sexuality, the Spanish Netflix series ELITE follows a pattern that GLEE explored. Season 1 had intriguing storylines, as three lower-class high school students - including Nadia and Samuel - were granted scholarships to the elitist private school Las Encinas. The students' houses are spectacular, as is the school - with its fantastic swimming facility, massive computers, and a spacious campus complete with a pond.

Blonde jock Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau) and Nadia (Mina El Hammani) forged a steamy romance despite conflicting social classes and religions, creating the ELITE creed of defying the odds to achieve successes of the heart.

Closely paired with this heterosexual romance were gay and lesbian storylines, bringing a substantial queer fanbase. The relationship between Nadia's brother Omar and Ander engaged audiences as they flirted, committed, and consummated even as Ander battled cancer.

For me, Season 5 was slow to ignite, bogged down by lots of school policies and a costumed dance party which, frankly, no longer shocks. The series is famous for its many bare butts and breasts, and the new season will not disappoint.

We meet hunky new star Iván (André Lamoglia) when he has lost his way to the locker room. He is nude in the showers with Patrick (Manu Rios) instantly. He may be bi or pansexual but claims to be straight, and his father Cruz is a handful. Or is Patrick a daddy's boy?

The stakes rise as the episodes focus on Patrick's antics and Samuel's continued trust in Benjamin. The season provides a satisfying climax, probably leading to another season.

You may sometimes wonder why Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) is still in school. Or if the cleaner Cayetano will finally earn the heart of Prince Phillipe (Pol Granch), now accused of criminal behavior. Will the principal (Diego Martin), also Patrick's father, ever get a grip on his school and his family? And how long does it take to fly from Madrid to Ibiza?

Ultimately, ELITE might be remembered like Dynasty, a guilty pleasure that irritates, intrigues, and inspires its legion of fans. Perhaps the greater legacy of ELITE will be the celebration of a new generation of European actors who make an impact in many films for decades.

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