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DING DONG I'M GAY is a delight!

DING DONG, I’M GAY is fun, fresh, and free! Web series have definitely had an ebb and flow – only the ones with the best writing and performances have survived. But I would count DING DONG as one of those – a great cast, empathetic characters, funny situations, and plenty of flesh -

within youtube standards of course. And all in 20 minute episodes.

Tim Spencer is the writer/director/star of this production, and his quirky, nerdy and needy sexy gay man Cameron is a perfect foil for his cousin Toby (Braydon Dalmazzone) who is new to the gay scene (and who rarely wears a shirt). Cameron is on the search for love, but is foiled by his cousins escapades, his own vanity – in either case, it is always funny.

And when Toby has a virtual affair with Cameron’s crush Jack, the fun gets more and more eye-popping. I had a great time watching, and wish DING DONG, a new entry from Australia, great success. You can find it here on YouTube.

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