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DARK DESIRE (Oscuro Deseo) delights in two languages

Is there anything more exciting that a show so tightly plotted that each scene brings surprise and greater intensity? Perhaps it is the intensity of two brothers – one single (Erik Hayser, one married (Jorge Poza ) -unknowingly sleeping with the same woman Brenda.

Or the idea of a friendship between Brenda (María Fernanda Yepes ) and Alma (Maite Perroni) is built on secrets that are slowly revealed. Is it the concept that an extraordinarily successful professor teaching about crimes against women who is herself swept away in desire.

Or is it the presence of hunk Alejandro Speitzer shirtless or nude in every episode. But is he villain or hero? And when he turns his attention to Brenda’s teenaged daughter Zoe (Regina Pavón), the tension between all the major players expands rapidly and bursts and a well-conceived series dramatic fireworks.

With 18 30 minute episodes, I felt we ran out of steam a couple of episodes too early. Which gave me time to think about how great Hayser Would be as Richard III. And how much I look forward to seeing Pavón (Zoe) in upcoming productions.

Created by Leticia López Margalli, the series looks fantastic, lush, and fully believable.

There are enough twists and turns in the legal cases to keep any fan of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER happy. And, lo and behold, we ended up right where we need to be to get the second season launched.

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