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BEING THE RICARDOS is a dynamic portrait of a complex team

You may want to discard all your preconceptions of what BEING THE RICARDOS will be before the movie starts. Nicole Kidman was not asked by writer/director Aaron Sorkin t Ball. Instead, the star and writer/director create a complex portrait of a Hollywood couple battling all types of discrimination - and each other - to become one of the most powerful teams in this history of TV. As a result, this combination of the personal and professional is exciting, funny, and enlightening.

Kidman, who has already submerged herself into an amazing array of great roles, is terrific. She captures the brief scenes that represent the long running TV with perfect hair, makeup, and vocal attack that made Ball so special. When she is off camera, she is vulnerable, conniving, and determined.

Javier Bardem has less burden to carry as Desi, but he gets the job done. J. K. Simmons as Willian Farley and Nina Arianda are so good, I wished there was a separative movie about them.

The supporting cast of writers – including the excellent Jake Lacy and Alia Shawkat – bring a wonderful sense of the creative process during the that exciting era in television. And the presence of experts like Linda Lavin providing contemporary commentary adds another narrative layer to insure we can follow the complexities of the politics and plot.

Sorkin, whether you agree or disagree with his choices on RICARDOS, is a the top of his game in the fields of TV, theater, and film. From A FEW GOOD MEN (on stage and screen) to THE WEST WING to THE TRIAL of THE CHICAGO 7 and the current Broadway adaption of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, Sorkin as proved again and again that his progressive vision is matched with writing and directing talent few others share.

As usual with a Sorkin film, the period details of the design are impeccable. Hats off to all.

BEING THE RICARDOS is available on Amazon.

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