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THE ACROBAT is a five-star sensation

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

This new release from Dekkoo is mysterious, sexy, and gripping. You may spend half your time wondering what the heck is going on as we follow two men who are never allowed to exchange names. But their relationship is deep, dark, and some would say depraved, which makes the film riveting.

Sebastien Ricard plays a businessperson who is looking to purchase a condo in a high rise, and as he is viewing it, he meets another man who Initiates passionate sex. Yuri Paulau is a gorgeous hunk with a broken leg, and more than enough sorrow in his eyes for one man. Are they lovers? Do they know each other? Will they meet again?

Screenwriter and director Rodrigue Jean is obsessed with height and skyscrapers, and the scenes at acrobatic rehearsal are thrilling – even though it is not Paulau in flight. After all, this acrobat is grounded with a broken leg – perhaps inflected intentionally.

Ricard is perfect as the wiry businessman who does not have the words to ever express how he feels. Paulau shares his body and spirit with us in every tortured move in a startling performance.

Montreal is beautiful in this snow shrouded landscape. And the passion – like the relentless high-rise construction scattered throughout the film – is dangerous, balletic, and permanent.

I found THE ACROBAT on Dekkoo.


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